Law in Dentistry

It might not be a common practice yet, but understanding the law is important in every field, including dentistry.

Two lawyers from ZeLo Japan are going to talk about law in dentistry. Fiesta-sensei will talk about “Employment Rights and Protection in Dental Sector in Indonesia” and Nomura-sensei will talk about “Harassment in a Workplace Under Japanese Law”. After watching the videos, you can join the Live Online Q&A session with the speakers to discuss further.

We hope this program can help you to better understand legal issues in the dental field.

Kindly note:

  • You might not be able to join the Live Q&A session when you purchase on the day of the Q&A; please purchase before the Live Q&A session date if possible.
  • Videos will be removed from your page 30 days after the date of the Live Q&A session.
About the Speaker
Photo of ZeLo Japan: Ms. Fiesta & Mr. Nomura
ZeLo Japan: Ms. Fiesta & Mr. Nomura
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Nomura-sensei and Fiesta-sensei are two lawyers from ZeLo Japan, an innovative legal firm based in Tokyo. Listen to their lectures about Law in Dentistry in both Indonesia and Japan.