VR in Dentistry: Increasing Patient Comfort
Webinar content will NOT be repeated during the live Online Q&A session. Please watch the webinars in advance!

Watch the video, meet the founder, Yuichiro Niijima, and experience XR Therapy: VR Distraction tool to reduce patient pain and anxiety, for the first time in Indonesia.

This event will be held offline at Tokopedia Care Tower, Jakarta Barat,  in collaboration with Denthusiast and xCura inc.
Due to limited space, we can only accommodate several participants. Further details will be sent to registered participants only.

About the Speaker
Photo of xCura Inc: Mr. Yuichiro Niijima
xCura Inc: Mr. Yuichiro Niijima
Watch Interview

Yuichiro Niijima is the founder of xCura Inc, the company behind XR Therapy, a method to reduce patient pain and anxiety with VR Distraction. Watch him talk about how he aims to increase patient comfort and support dental professionals to provide better care.