Welcome to the pilot-project page of Dentayori, a hybrid learning space you can rely on in your journey to grow as a dental professional. The word “Dentayori” comes from デンタル(dental) and 頼り(tayori: which means “reliance” in Japanese). We hope our platform can be an inclusive place for the cross-disciplinary, young global dental community. Not only dentists, but also dental technicians, dental hygienists, and all stakeholders in the dental world.

Our goal is to help you create a better working environment and teamwork in the dental industry through our blended learning platform since we believe your well-being is one of the keys to high-quality dental treatments and patients’ satisfaction.

Dentistry is not only about dentists treating patients. Especially now, in the era of digital dentistry and advance materials, a multidisciplinary approach is more important than ever. So many important roles are involved to deliver a smile to patients. 

Long gone the one-man show style of practice management, where the dentist does all. More and more clinics open up to professional management support, emphasize branding and design to increase patients’ satisfaction. Dental labs gradually look more like tech companies with lines of dental scanners, 3d printers, and milling machines.

All those things matter, but above all, digitalization in dentistry should walk hand-in-hand with digitalization in dental education. 

When we say education, it is something that should be more accessible and aligned with the current generation’s and workplaces’ needs. We understand fully that up until now, it costs a lot to upgrade your skills as dental professionals, what you learn at school is just not enough, and many young dental professionals can not afford to spend more. The unequal distribution of knowledge, unfortunately, leads to inequality in dental services. The growing number of dental schools in developing countries is not matched by schools for dental staff. The miscommunication between professions in the field creates workplace frictions, increases the turnover rate and the dental field around the world ended up with a lack of manpower, for various reasons.

Dentayori tries to promote the dental field to young people, supports schools to scout students, and matches their graduates with the right employers, provides dental staffs education, especially when there is a lack of it, and supports dental businesses to upgrade their employees.

For this pilot project, three organizations: dopang, Tsunagaru Edutech, You Make It together with experienced dental professionals from around the world are collaborating with Hakata Medical School in Fukuoka, Japan, and cipta d.lab in Surabaya, Indonesia so we can offer cross-border, cross-disciplinary programs that give benefits and are proven effective for students, educational institutions, and businesses.

It is important to understand that globalization has changed work culture and it is amazing to see how universal dental education can actually be. Empowering not only yourself, but also your team, is one of the best ways to expand your horizon and grow.

Get in touch with our team and experience the world of Dentayori.